Torch Club

Montgomery County Torch Club
Speaker's Schedule
2022 - 2023

Sept 13, 2022Tom and Paula AlstonThe Galapagos Islands
Oct 11, 2022Skip Jubb and Sam HicksThe Global Elite
Nov 8, 2022Dave NotterGrizzlies in the Driveway:
The Implications of Reintroducing Large Predators
Dec 13, 2022Lyn GrayLiberia
Jan 10, 2023Don MullinsThe Exciting Advent of the Hydrogen Economy
Feb 14, 2023David HudginsTin Pan Alley
Mar 14, 2023Mary PettittFrom Hats to Ties:
The Quest for Exotic Feathers
Apr 11, 2023Jim MarchmanWeird & Wonderful Aircraft
May 9, 2023Matt HanrattyThe Housing Puzzle in Blacksburg

Matt Hanratty is the Director of Housing and Neighborhood Services for the Town of Blacksburg

Revised: July 27, 2022