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Montgomery County Torch Club
Speaker's Schedule
2021 - 2022

Sept 14, 2021Jim Marchman "All Dirt Roads Lead to Blacksburg"
Oct 12, 2021Karen Finch The Over-Mountain Men and the Battle of Kings Mountain
Nov 9, 2021 Jim WightmanThe Steamboat Era: Virginia's Almost Forgotten History
Dec 14, 2021Jim ShockleyProhibition and The Power of Advertising
Jan 11, 2022David Hudgins and Gerald JubbInsects in Folk Music
Feb 8, 2022Wornie Reed Sweet Soul Music
Mar 8, 2022Hank PrevetteFrom Pearl Harbor to Calvary: The Story of Mitsuo Fuchida
Apr 12, 2022Bob BeckmanThe Use and Abuse of Foreign Aid — A 60 Year Perspective
May 10 2022Michael CanestrariThe Art of Contemporary Embalming
Revised: July 24, 2021